Labyrinth Great Danes

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What else do we offer?

So... what else do you offer?
This is something that makes us unique to other breeders, instead of just giving your money to the breeder and them handing you your new puppy over and saying.. "bye forever" without worries or cares about the rest of their puppies lives. Here at Labyrinth we actually care! 

We want you to come back and have a good relationship and feel comfortable with us, we would love if you came once a week or more for playdates, training or even when you are going away drop your Labyrith Great Dane off with us until you get home! send us emails, pictures, texts and even phone calls.. tell us your problems and love for your Dane.

If you are having behavioural issues we are here to help and we offer one on one training as well as training for 5 days or more depending on severity (dropping your Dane off with their food). Then when its time for them to come home we can discuss causes and solutions as well as the tecniques used to solve the behavioral problems and gain respect from your Great Dane. Price can be determined based on amount of time with us and issues.
We also offer boarding services for our Labyrinth Great Dane puppy owners as we ALWAYS want to be part of the puppies lives we produce.