Labyrinth Great Danes

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The Dewclaw Debate

          The Great Dewclaw Debate


To declaw your puppy or not? to buy a puppy with dewclaws or not? That is the question, but which do you prefer?

Personally i find no benefit to dewclaws in the Great Danes, they get in the way, get injured, pulled off and are another nail you must worry about to cut every week. I like the look of a nice sleek, clean leg. But i have heard people talk about "oh they need them to scratch themselves", "they use them to hold their treats" and much more.. do the benefits really outweigh the bad?, I dont think so! ive had dogs catch them up on brush having them partionally disconnected, completley pulled of and cut and bleeding. But again this is your choice im just voicing my experience and opinion on them.

This is one of my dogs, as you can see that doesnt look very nice or painless! 

She managed to get herself caught up on something while out for a walk.

All puppies at LBGD come with their dewclaws removed!