Labyrinth Great Danes

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Vladi :   "Love our boy. Keela Lavers is awesome always there if we had any questions. None of my friends have a dane so new world to me and best decision we made!"

Brandi: "Well - there is plenty of gushing over Great Danes and labyrinth danes here so I will attest to what a great choice it was to choose Keela for a breeder. She has been outstanding with her support and advice every step of the way - and I'm not even in the province. We had our Maverick flown to us in BC. But any question I have ever had has been answered quickly and in a way that is encouraging and knowledgeable."

Tenille: "Clutch is my baby!!! Are they a handful...yes, do they have the biggest personality....yes!! Clutch drives me batty, stands on my feet, puts his head on my counter, drools everywhere and on everything, sits on me and is stubborn like a toddler lol, However....he is a big baby, he was the easiest dog to train even though it's an everyday continuing process. He is my second Dane and boy can I ever tell the difference between an amazing breeder and a unknown one. He is my fur baby and gets treated exactly like my daughter does! I will never own another breed and already want another one. They love unconditionally!!"

Emily: "My boy is the best of all!
I cannot put into words how amazing he is and how fantastic my life is because of him. If you've heard an angel sing, that is how I feel lol
Keela stuck with me every step of the way even when I was difficult XD couldn't ask for better! 
He is perfect in every way. Sweet, caring, smart, intuitive and sooo handsome! Super healthy, no allergies, no behavior flaws... just perfection!

Kathie: "We got our 2 in July, Keela picked my girl for me and we picked our boy. Amazing pups. She has been a great support to us with our questions. Love these pups. Can't imagine life without at least 2 Danes. My Kobalt and Kalipso. Any questions are welcome. Best decision I've made. These gentle giants were just what we needed in our home. Amazing breed. Will definitely own more as time goes on."

Melissa: " I have Isis, who was one of the moms at Keela's place. She's in such great health and had two awesome litters! I love hearing stories about her pups from their owners! Keela treats every dog with the utmost love and respect and is there for them and their owners for life. Isis is my copilot, body guard, and best bud!! You won't regret it!"

Lexie: "The best thing about a Dane is they win your heart so fast and quite literally it's hard to imagine life without one. Once you get one it seems like you can never stop! Our little not so little Great Dane rebel came from Keela. He's got such a corky personality and is just extremely loveable! Having been around labyrinth Great Danes for years I can say I've never met better Danes with amazing personalities! Keela is extremely committed to her dogs and takes extraordinary measures to ensure their health and happiness grin emoticon you can tell those dogs are so loved and are a top priority to her! She got me into the world of Danes and has opened such a large world of learning about them. She knows a lot about the breed and had done a lot of research prior hand! It's nice having a breeder who is so involved with the breed! Having started my program with her and having her by my side is the best thing I could ask for! Having a Dane is amazing and getting it from someone like Keela is even better! Amazing well bred Danes! 

Lesley: "I wouldn't get a Dane from anyone else. Keela can always give such sound advice and is always wanting to stay in touch and see her past puppies. Saffy is an amazing dog, so fit and healthy and has always been very active but also is a couch potato but only sits on our sofa with me, no one else to snuggle up with her head on my lap."

Jessica: "Keela has been nothing short of amazing, she updated me all along the process, and i welcomed the most well behaved, and well taken care of/socialized pup i have ever owned into my home!

Amanda"I have two babies from labyrinth, and will be back for more in the future! i would not recommend any other breeder to deal with. the health, confidence, love and socialization these babies receive even before i bring them home is incredible. she adores her babies and keeps in contact with you, is there to answer all your questions and is amazing support all along the way."

Carrie: "i have never felt more comfortable, welcome and as part of the family then with labyrinth. they go the extra mile caring for your pup and update you along the way. she even babysits our girl when we go on holidays!