Labyrinth Great Danes
                      Canadian Kennel Club Registered Great Danes

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Puppy Reservations/ Puppy Questionnaire

Below you will find our puppy questionnaire as well as some information about our process, the questionnaire is required to be completed in full and send via email to us to see if you and your family would be a good fit for one of our puppies. If your questionnaire has been approved a deposit may be placed to secure your puppy, if you have Facebook you will also be added onto our puppy group that has all of our puppy buyers, where you can chat with one another, get together for play dates, ask questions, share photos etc.


-Our puppies are priced at $2500-$4000 for pets plus additional costs for shipping/ transportation.
$2500-3000 for Black  
$2800-3500 for Mantle
$3000-3500 for blue, fawn and brindle
$3500-4000 for Harlequin and merle

-Breeding rights are available on a very limited basis and are priced at $3500-$4500 plus additional costs for shipping/Transportation.

-A deposit of $500 is required to secure the purchase of your puppy. This deposit is non refundable so please be sure of your commitment, if something comes up and the timing does not work for you the deposit can be held for any amount of time or transferred over to a different litter/puppy at any time until you are ready to welcome your puppy into your home.

*Our Average wait Time for A Puppy Is 6-12 months, it Is Extremely Rare That We Have Any Puppies Available To Those Who Have Not Placed A Deposit On Our Wait List*


- Puppies can be picked up in person, however we do ship puppies world wide. We typically ship puppies via airplane cargo when there are no heat or cold embargo's preventing them from flying, the cost for this varies depending on your location, time of year and which cargo company we will be using. The puppies begin weeks prior getting used to being in their travel crates so the process is generally not stressful on the pups. inside their shipping crate they have a blanket, food/water bowl attached to the door and their documents attached to the top of their crate. A new crate and all shipping expenses will be added to the purchase price of your puppy.

- It is also possible to fly up and to bring your puppy back in a soft crate under the chair in the cabin of the plane, this depends on size and weight of the puppy. The soft sided Sherpa crate 20' long X 12.25' wide X 10.5' high is recommended for this it will accommodate up to 22lbs. Please discuss adding a pet to your airplane ticket when booking as not all companies allow pets in cabin and there can only be so many in cabin per flight.

Deposits can be made via credit card/ Paypal Below or by Etransfer to

Please copy and paste this puppy questionaire and 
email it to me to reserve your puppy!

  • Name:
  • Email Address:
  • Home Number:
  • Cell Number:
  • Other Phone Number:
  • Best time to call you:
  • Address:
  • City:
  • State/Province:

  • what is your age?

  • Does anyone in your household have allergies to dogs?:

  • Are there children in your household and if so, what are their ages?:

  • Are you willing to spay/neuter this dane? If no, why not?:

  • Where do you live?:
    • House (owned)
    • Apartment (owned)
    • Acreage (owned)
    • House (Renting)
    • Apartment (Renting)
    • Acreage (Renting)
    • Other

    • If renting are you allowed an XL Dog?

    • If YES, Please provide the contact name and number so i can verify that you are indeed allowed to house a Dane where you are renting.
    • Name:
    • Number:

  • Do you plan on breeding the Dane you adopt from us?: 
  • Please tell us what kind of dog you are looking for (answer all that apply):
    • Puppy
    • Trained adult (1-4 years old)
    • Retired (5 years +)
    • No preference

  • What gender?:
    • Male
    • Female
    • No preference

  • Colour?:
    • Fawn
    • Brindle
    • Black
    • Mantle
    • Harlequin
    • Merle
    • Blue
    • Brindlequin(Brindle-harlequin)
    • Fawnequin(Fawn-harlequin)
    • Bluequin (Blue-Harlequin)
    • No Preference
    • Other

    • Is there any specific breeding pair / litter or puppy you are most interested in?

  • What are your plans for this dog?:
    • Pet/Companion
    • Show/Companion
    • Agility/Obedience
    • Breeding
    • Protector/Guard
    • Other
  • Where will this dog be living?:
    • Outside
    • Inside
    • Other
  • Have you ever owned a Great Dane?:
    • Yes
    • No

  • Are there any other animals in the home? (List all):

  • Do You Intend to Feed Commercial Food or a Raw Diet? please include which brand: 
  • is there any additional information you would like us to know when we assess placing a Labyrinth Great Dane with you? We would love to hear your own expectations for this newest member of your family!:

  • Your turn! Is there anything you would like to ask of us at this time?:

Before making any deposits, please be sure of your commitment in buying from one of our litters as deposits are non-refundable