Labyrinth Great Danes
                      Canadian Kennel Club Registered Great Danes

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Please read through this page before you decide on getting a Great Dane.

Great Danes must be taught manners, respect and obedience at a very young age, meaning the moment they come home!,Great Danes are not to be thrown into your backyard and forgotten about. They are NOT an outdoor breed, they are a people dog breed, and thus they need to be part of the family and live inside with their family members!

If you're considering getting a Dane for you and your family, please make sure of your commitment as it is life long, dogs are not toys they are family and should be treated like such. The Great Dane breed as a whole aren't called gentle GIANTS for nothing, they can take advantage of their size if you dont take control but they can be super gentle when taught correctly from a baby.  It's like living with another human being in your home... but much better because a Dane or and dog for that fact will forgive you a lot quicker when you scold them for doing something that as wrong.  This breed of dog is so loving and willing to please for their owners, you'll rarely find a Great Dane owner with just one, they are very addicting!

You may want to consider a Great Dane if you...

* If you understand the Great Dane as a breed, has a much a shorter life expectancy then other dog breeds, usually 8-10 years, however, some have been known to live up to 12 years and older!

* if You understand that living with a dane means you may loose access to your couches or beds. Great Danes love to sleep on them, leaving little room for others . You must also understand, and i cannot stress this enough, Danes are indoor dogs! They are extremely people-oriented and need to be a part of the family. They always look to you for guidence and praise. The time requirement is far more crucial than the amount of space you have, Danes can live happily in a small appartment with daily exercise.

* You understand that Danes need to be good taught manners from the day you bring them home throughout their entire lifes, DO NOT allow a baby Dane to do things you would not want an adult to do (biting, niping and especially jumping!). Remember, Danes are tall and can reach food and other stuff from the kitchen counters easily. Danes also love to wag there tails when the get excited so they can easily knock things off your coffee table and break them.ive personally had my danes clear an entire coffee table by just a few swipes of their tail when they are excited or running and playing.

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