Labyrinth Great Danes

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Co-own Contract (Male)

          Labyrinth Great Danes

        Keela lavers

      54211 HWY 43 Lac Ste Anne County, AB

          (780) 221-6314    



This document will serve as a legal and binding contract between Keela Lavers/Labyrinth Great Danes, hereinafter called the “breeder”, and ________________________________,

Hereinafter called the “Co-owner.” This contract will remain in effect until such time as it has been fulfilled or terminated by written agreement from both parties.

Stud Name:_________________________________      D.O.B:_______________________________________

Color:________________________________________      Temperament:_____________________________

Microchip Number:_____________________________________________

Stud was Sold/Fostered as a: _____ Puppy  ______ Unproven Stud  _______ Proven Stud

Full Value Of Stud is: $_____________________

The Co-owner has paid: $_______________________ for said Stud.

Co-owner(s) Name:__________________________________________________________________________

Co-owner(s) Address:_______________________________________________________________________

Co-owner(s) Home Phone:__________________________________________________________________

Co-owner(s) Cell Phone:____________________________________________________________________

Co-owner(s) Email:__________________________________________________________________________

The above-described Great Dane Male has been transferred, and will reside with the Co-owner.  All registration and additional paperwork will carry the Breeders name until Co-ownership contract has been fulfilled.

Breeder:________________________________________  Witness:___________________________________

Co-owner:_______________________________________ Witness:___________________________________

Co-owner Responsibilities:

  • The Co-Owner will be responsible for all shots (except first puppy shots) as per breeder’s recommendations, and day-to-day expenses for food and care.
  • The Co-owner will be responsible for all vet expenses, except expenses related to breeding.
  • The Co-owner agrees to give the stud proper socialization for mental health and stability.
  • The Co-owner will be solely responsible for the actions of the dog while in their day-to-day care.
  • The Co-owner will allow breeder access to this stud for showing, special training and breeding.
  • The Co-owner will take this dog to training classes or otherwise be responsible for the dogs training.
  • The Co-owner will have the first option to Co-own any puppy produced by this dog with the same contract as long as the breeder is looking for a Co-own home for one of the puppies produced by that stud.
  • The Co-owner will bring the stud for sperm collection at any reasonable time and co-operate fully with shipping, collection and any other actions related to breeding of said stud dog throughout his lifetime.
  • This male is never allowed to run at large and must be confined away from all female dogs capable of breeding.
  • This dog is a house pet, and not to spend its life as an outside dog.
  • The Co-owner will update breeder regularly/on request for studs weight, temperament, pictures, vet records and ect.

Breeder Responsibilities:

  • The breeder of this dog will retain full breeding rights and full registered ownership of this Dog until the terms of this agreement have been fulfilled.
  • It is the Breeders choice to breed or not to breed this dog for the length of this contract.
  • The Breeder will be responsible for all expenses related to breeding of this dog.
  • The Breeder will have all pups and profits and expenses from these litters.


  • The Co-owner shall not neuter this male without permission of breeder. If this is done the Co-owner agrees to pay breeder $3000.00(The cost of a breeding Great Dane) and return said dog if breeder sees fit.
  • Should the Co-owner allow an accidental breeding, they must terminate the breeding at his/her expense and the Breeder shall have the right to repossess said Stud if breeder sees fit.
  • In the event the Stud is lost, stolen, killed, or injured seriously, so as to render him unable to be bred, in consequence of any Co-owner negligence, or that of his/her agents or employees, the sum of $3,000.00 is to be paid promptly to the Breeder as liquidated damages. Further, the Breeder shall have the right to repossess said Stud if breeder sees fit.
  • Should the Co-owner be found unable or unwilling to fully comply with the terms of this contract, with respect to care, breeding, etc., the Stud must be returned to Labyrinth Great Danes forthwith. Failure to return the Stud under these circumstances, the Co-owner hereby gives the Breeder the following options: 1. The Breeder or an agent may take possession of the Stud from the Co-owner’s property, by any means the breeder /agent sees fit, therefore making this contract null and void; or 2. The Breeder can subject the Co-owner to liquidated damages in the amount of $5,000.00, attorney’s fees in the amount of $3000.00, and the legal cost of bringing this action to enforce the terms of the contract.
  • Co-owner agrees to never give away, sell or transfer said Stud while in his/her care, if Co-owner has been found to have not fully complied to the terms stated, Co-owner agrees to pay the breeder a sum of $3,000.00 and return said Stud to Labyrinth Great Danes, if breeder sees fit.

I have read and understand the terms and conditions for this contract and agree to abide by them until such time as the contract is fulfilled, and I fully understand that this is a legal and binding contract.

Co-owners Signature:_______________________________________ Witness signature:________________________________________

Breeders Signature:___________________________________­­­_____ Witness signature:________________________________________