Labyrinth Great Danes
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Thank you for your interest in a Labyrinth puppy!

We do have a reservation process so please see our PUPPY RESERVATIONS page for further information on adding a Great Dane to your family.

When buying a purebred puppy it is very important to create a relationship with your breeder and for both breeder and new owner to feel comfortable with one another. This will not be a one time transaction, we will be with you every step of the way for the rest of the puppies life.

Please take time to scroll through the rest of our website for more information on us, our dogs and breeding program, any further questions or concerns, feel free to get in touch.


Page updated: February 23 2023

We have litters arriving in February and March

Registered name: LBGD'S Draco 
DOB: October 21 2019 (3.5 years old)
Dam: Belladonna of aristokrat
Sire: Olaf Lunaya Dolina

Adoption fee: $1500

we are still currently accepting applications for the perfect placement for watson.

Watson (LBGD'S Draco) has been returned and will be searching for new placement.

The city life was a bit too hectic for him, he would be better suited to life on an acreage.

Watson is from our Belladonna of Aristokrat x Olaf Lunaya Dolina litter born october 21 2019 ( 3.5 years old)

Watson is fixed (has NOT had gastropexy done) and is up to date on vaccinations and rabies.
He does not have any allergies but does have a sensitivity tummy if he is not eating his normal food (he eats royal canin gastrointestinal)

Watson is wonderful on leash and has great off leash recall. He enjoys car rides, cuddling, his toys and butt scratches. he loves to explore with his people in an environment away from new people and dogs.
He is crate trained but can be trusted enough to not need to use it. He is potty trained, he is good in the vehicle. not the biggest fan of baths or nails being done but tolerant of it.
Watson is good with cats, small dogs and kids
He is good other dogs that he has been acclimated to.
He can be nervous of new people but with the correct introductions he warms up quickly. he is not aggressive just scared
Watson finds city walks, and busy places stressful, so a home where he is primarily allowed to enjoy his acreage and play would be ideal.
Watson is CKC Registered and will go home with his food, his elevated food/water dishes, his beds, his leashes and toys, his winter jacket and his food container and lifetime breeder support.

there is a questionnaire that must be completed to see if your family is a good fit, a 2-3 week trial to ensure he fits well in the home and he is on strict return contract (if you cannot keep him for any reason at any time he MUST come home to us)

he is located in edmonton alberta Canada

5 year old Female Harlequin
Adoption fee: $300 (Negotiable to the proper home)

Jade is currently searching for new placement. she was not bred by us but we are helping with rehoming her as her breeder is no longer active in the breed.

Jade is a 5 year old harlequin female. she currently lives with another dane, small dog and cats. she also lives with 2 children. 

jade can be possessive over her favourite people however prior to the new baby this has not caused issues in the home. her owner just had a baby and jade has begun guarding the baby from the other animals and this has caused tension and issues in the home (she will chase off other animals that go near them) that were not present prior to the new baby arriving. so for everyones safety it is best to find placement for jade in a home that is a bit less hectic and has more time to provide her.

she is not a fan of new dogs outside of the home but with slow and proper introductions a home with a calm female dog or male dog would be best. she can be reactive on leash with dogs she does not know. this has been manageable and improving with training. she is not a candidate for a dog park but would do well in less dog populated areas. 

she will growl over her food to other dogs in the home but has never gone after them. feeding alone in a room or crate would be the best option if they are unsupervised 

jade has allergies that is managed with her diet (she is eating kirkland signature lamb and rice) she is very food motivated and will get into the garbage if left unattended.

she is very smart and has no issues with basic commands, she does best on leash, her off leash recall is unknown at this time.

she is extremely people oriented and loving with those she knows. she loves to cuddle on the couch . aside from her allergies she has had no health issues and is in great health. she is apox 140-150lbs. she will bark at new people but if you ignore her for she will warm up and is extremely loving and attention seeking.

she loves to play with toys and has lots of energy, she is fully house broken having no accidents she is crate trained but has not needed to be crated.

she is good for baths, not a massive fan of getting nails done but tolerant. 

she is up to date on vaccines, she is not spayed and has not had a gastropexy. 

she is currently with her owner in Lethbridge Alberta Canada with her owner. her owner is willing to meet for the perfect home.

A non refundable deposit of $500 is required to reserve and hold any puppy until they are ready to go home, deposits are NON REFUNDABLE for ANY reason. Up to date planned breedings are posted on our website, please understand, not all breedings take as planned, Sometimes we have to change pairings due to various reasons that are out of our control, the breeder reserves the right of 1st pick to any litter of puppies.