Labyrinth Great Danes

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About us

Our love for the breed began over a decade ago, and our first litter of Danes arrived in our home in 2013. they have become a huge part of our home and hearts over the years, its hard to think of any other breed to spend our time with, they truly are gentle giants with so many aspects to love about them!

We are committed to bringing you nothing but the best and healthiest companion for your family, therefore we have imported from only the best bloodlines around the world! We walk upon all aspects of the dane community and we know everyone has a very specific idea as to what kind of family member they would like to add just as we do, that is why we have colour pure, off colour, european and american danes in our breeding program.

Every day, from the time we wake up to the time we go back to sleep, most of what we do is for our Animals, We take their happiness, socialization, health, and training very seriously. A great deal of our time, energy, money, and effort goes into providing them with a safe, home and everything they need. Our Danes are a huge part of our life, they are with us 24/7 and are thought of as our pets first! Every puppy we produce is looked at to us as our responsibility for their ENTIRE life (from birth until death), which is why we are always willing to take back a puppy or dog at any time should you have any problem, and we are always available at any time for help, information or advice. Our kennel is not really a kennel but a regular home filled with love and dedicated to the highest quality of life for our breeding dogs. The local land and waterways are our playground; our dogs have full house privileges and plenty of socialization all together as a family. Please look around the website for information, and join us on any of our social media accounts for current photos, videos and happenings. The site is also updated regularly.

Our Home is Located on 7 acres with a small pond. Our Danes go outside with us off leash for a run around and play time, even during daily chores. The pups learn to respect other animals of all species and sizes and come back to us when called. All our Danes live inside our home and are fed on schedule twice a day (We feed 100% raw food). 

We spend a great deal of time with our danes at local dog parks as well so dont be surprised if you see a dane that looks familiar to you!

Our danes are raised with animals of all sizes and temperments, they are very well socialised as are all the puppies that leave us.