Labyrinth Great Danes

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"All dog breeders have a right to breed dogs in the manner they choose to breed them. You don’t have to like what others do, but you have to allow them the right to do it. If they don’t have that right, then neither do you. Different is not bad. Substandard is bad"

Welcome to Labyrinth Great Danes

Were a kennel located near Edmonton, Alberta

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or inquiries through email or phone

Keela Lavers

(1-780) 221- 6314 

  [email protected]

We also have a facebook page and youtube channel!

Labyrinth Great Danes specializes in both european and american colour pure and off colour great danes. We are one of the first kennels in Canada to welcome chocolate great danes into our home, we are also the breeders of the first ever chocolate great dane litter to hit the ground in Canada!